Are failing to access education acceso a la educación

Because the right to health is important

He explained that the Magisterio Rural carried out a mapping and a study of the situation of access to Internet and technologies, and identified several areas that do not have the minimum conditions, such as rural municipalities, areas near the Cordilleras, indigenous peoples and municipalities in the depths of the Amazon and the Chaco.

It is estimated that in Bolivia there are 190 thousand education professionals at different levels: pre-school, primary, secondary and university. Eighty percent are in urban areas and 20 percent in rural areas.

The leader of the Urban Teachers’ Union of Cochabamba, Norma Barrón, explained that, before the pandemic, education was already in a state of crisis, but that the coronavirus has deepened this situation.

“The inevitable use of technology and information technology is being imposed, but in the conditions in which they are given, if the student before the pandemic was already in deep crisis and isolated from his reality, now with the use of technology in limited conditions, we will be further away from achieving knowledge and comprehensive training,” she said.

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Right to education examples

It doesn’t matter what type of university or college. There are very common factors that decrease student retention rates in higher education. They can be individual problems or a mix of factors. That’s why faculties must work on them in a proper way to reduce attrition.

Some universities already have technological solutions that allow, among other things, to detect which factors are specifically affecting attrition at a given institution or campus. Here are the most common causes.

For example, according to Times Higher Education, 1 in 4 students in Germany tend to drop out due to money problems, a bad relationship with the professor or lack of motivation.

According to, some students “underestimate the costs of college and realize too late that they lack the funds to cover it. Others decide that it is more convenient to earn money by working full time than to continue pursuing an expensive degree.

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